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When the Spaniards reached the bay currently named Papudo, these lands were ruled by a “cacique” (indian chief) whose real name was forgotten. This “cacique” had a very huge chin. So, Spaniards named him “Papudo”, nickname that survives until today as the name for an uncommon and beautiful area.




Papudo Bay has a weather without great variations in temperature, which is usual in the central coast of Chile: Dry summers and rainy winters. In the winter time the minimum temperature rarely falls to 10º C, and in the summer time the maximum temperature barely approaches 27º C. During winter, coats are needed; for summer nights, light clothes are enough.




In Papudo it is possible to find excellent places to eat. In Donde Pablo (free pisco sour for Punta Pite customers), beside the beach, the chef, Pablo Gurruchaga, can delight us with his "corvina caprichosa", his "reineta griega", or with a simple "vieja" broasted with "chuchoca". In the pub La Bahía (a free welcome appetizer for Punta Pite clients), on Lord Cochrane St., the owners, Carlos and Lidia, are always ready with a good drink mixed in seconds, fresh seafood and fried "empanadas" made when you order them. On Blanco St. is located La Maison des Fous, where you can listen to live music during week ends, and find Peruvian style "cebiches", thai vegetables and exclusive creations. To obtain the best fried congrio, you have to go to an economic place, Don Rola, on Fernández Concha St. Finally, during the summer season you can choose food delivery from La Esquina de Pablo, on Fernández Concha St. and Chorrillos St.




In order to lodge in Papudo, there is an important offer of very economic hostels, some of them better than others. Near the central square is the hotel Carande, which, without luxuries, is very recommendable. A more exclusive alternative is the hotel Isla Seca, 9 kms. away from Papudo, on the way to Zapallar.


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Sites of interest

24 kms. to the east of Papudo is La Ligua, a famous town for its pastries, "paltas", "chirimoyas", "papayas" and "lúcumas", and for its famous knits of different kinds of materials, styles and prices. 5 kms. away from La Ligua is Valle Hermoso, where you can get the best fabric of wool of the Chilean central zone. Towards the north of Papudo, about 24 kms. away, is Salinas de Pullally, a great beach available for surfing, and to which you can arrive by walking in low tide and only by boat in high waters. Towards the south, 9 kms. away, is Zapallar, with its typical architecture, inheritance of Josué Smith Solar, and where it is possible, in El Chiringuito, to enjoy a "pisco sour" over the rocks, between the sea waves.

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