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Fishing and boat rides


Daily sailings to practice sport fishing. The expeditions are from 3 to 6 people. Sport fishing expeditions are in charge of a ship pilot who is a fisherman of Papudo bay. The ship pilot knows the locations with better possibilities to practice this sport.

Schedule of sport fishing:

Sailings from 7 hour to 10 hour

Sailings from 18 hour to 21 hour

Sailings from 22 hour to 01 hour

Most common species in Papudo bay: The species that you can catch most often, in the morning and at sunset, are the "bilagay", the Spaniard rockfish, the "rollizo", the "sierra", the "vieja", the "lenguado" and the "blanquillo".

At night it is possible practice the sport fishing of the "conger eel".

Boat Rides

Boat rides are organized, specially for familiar or company groups. The boat rides do not cross Papudo bay area, and usually they reach the pingüinera (penguin's place) of "Island of the Sea Dogs". In this place, very special for photographers, you can see lots of penguins very near. During boat strolls sport fishing is not allowed.
Maximum 10 passengers per expedition. Prices to be agreed.


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